Driftwood Productions has been producing broadcast quality material for the UK television market, interactive video media for Internet & multimedia delivery and has wide experience in the production of music videos, live theatre, live comedy and film production. The company is well versed in all UK broadcast standards, content delivery and the very latest in media composition.

Clients included international leading brands such as Eurosport, TV Asia, Virgin Media, TiVO, and Future Publishing. Current productions include 'The Cock & Tail Inn (Theatre), Dawn Riders (Film), The Short Stories of Bertolt Brecht (Film), Driftwood (Short film collective), The Icarus Youth (music video) and Brighton Fashion Week (Documentary & Live).

For more information Contact: Nick Driftwood on tel: 07734604269

email: info@driftwoodproductions.co.uk or web: www.driftwoodproductions.co.uk