06/11/2012 'West Street Story' filmed by Driftwood Productions for 'White Night' wins John Cornell Award 2012 for Innovation
01/11/2012 'The Cock & Tail Inn 3: The 90's' announced
06/10/2012 Driftwood Shoot: 'Young Advocates for Agriculture 2012' with Princess Anne
10/09/2012 The First Raindrop, The Last Teardrop re-shot in Chile for International version
01/08/2012 'Swim To Land' musical short film begins production
21/06/2012 Promotional Video 'Ultimate Site Visit 2012' for The Brighton Centre & Brighton Council
10/06/2012 'Icarus Youth' In The City Video Production Shoot & Edit
03/06/2012 Prince Magazine Shoot with Rachel Holland
28/05/2012 'The Cock & Tail Inn 2: The 80's' Wins BEST Fringe Comedy at Brighton Fringe 2012
06/04/2012 Driftwood Shorts film Fundraiser new project Details TBA
05/04/2012 Productions - 'The Cock & Tail Inn 2: The 80's' details added to Productions
10/12/2011 Driftwood film The Turin Brakes live gig at St Mary's Church, Brighton on Sony EX3, 3 x GH2s & 2 x 5D MKIIs for a DVD
29/10/2011 Experimental film 'The First Raindrop & The Last Teardrop' premieres to 80,000 'Nuit Blanc Brighton' attendees
24/09/2011 Driftwood produce the first ever INTRA patch for the Panasonic GH2 'Vitaliy hacked' camera
18/05/2011 'The Cock & Tail Inn' opens at Brighton Fringe 2011 to sellout crowds and favourabe reviews
02/05/2011 Index Pge updated - Rev. Ollie Patterson (Pady O'Keefe) Video up on index page
15/04/2011 Index Pge updated - Cara 'Chrystal' Fraser Video up on index page
11/04/2011 Productions - The Cock & Tail Inn cast biogs updated, Barry 'Bond' (Madhav) Video up on index page
01/04/2011 Showreel - Cops - Comical documentary about cops on the beat (2009) featuring The Cock & Tail Inn's Chris Willoughby
31/03/2011 Productions - The Cock & Tail Inn cast pics are up inc. some biogs
28/03/2011 Showreel - The Icarus Youth Video is now up on Showreel
27/03/2011 Productions - 'The Cock & Tail Inn 1: The 70's' details added to Productions, Spider video up on index page
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