Script @ £500

The script details the story and ties the pictures together. We will attend a script meeting with the client to agree on the words for voiceover narration, a presenter, interview questions, and dialogue for any actors. This will also show Interior/Exterior ideas for the visual content.

Storyboard @ £500

Once we agree on a script, a graphical storyboard is created detailing the main locations, shots and images to accompany each view, line or phrase of the script.

Presenter @ £700 per day

If a professional presenter is required for direct to camera narrative and location interviews.

Voiceover @ £290 per day

A professional voiceover, male or female, will provide the narrative and descriptions of the text in the script in the way that you require.

Post Production Edit: £450 per day

Derived from the multi-cam reels, we edit and compose these into finalised video sequences and audio tracks using the industry standard Final Cut Pro software suite. From here we produce a broadcast quality master that can be screened on TV, DVD, or as a composition in a multimedia interactive DVD or Internet release.

No of Locations: TBC £Neg.

We would need to know how many locations you would like to be incorporated in the filming of your business. Videos with more locations will require more shooting, as the traveling time between locations can easily eat into a working shoot day. If your locations are all within walking distance, then travel time is obviously reduced. Travel costs would be considered.

No of actors TBC £Neg.

If actors were to be used, we would determine the best actor/s suitable for the job. The number of actors required could affect the final price.

Intro and Titles £250

Titling and introduction visual graphics including corporate logo ingest.

Motion Graphics & Animation / Special FX £250-£500 per day

Animated visuals and graphics composition. To include all motion graphics, animated text and animated imagery that will be essential to illustrating key point and accompanying any spoken narrative that runs throughout the video. This can/will be also composited over shot footage to provide important detailed information and an overall quality look to the final edit.

Music & Sound FX £300

Copyright free genre driven music and sounds: We can offer you tailored music and FX from our resident recording studio including unique orchestrated and scripted music in the classical style of your choosing to contemporary pop, jazz and all styles of your choosing. If copyright material is to be used this will require additional fees.

The Shoot

Our detailed shoot list determines all the shots required to complete the video including schedule of locations and times. Please have your locations ready and informed of our visit.

Equipment being used

Filmed on Broadcast professional Sony EX3 and Panasonic AF101 cameras plus Canon 5D MK II, Panasonic Lumix GH2s & Canon 7D & 60D for 50fps slow motion and stills/video.

The Shoot Team

3 person Director with lighting, sound and assistant. £700 per day

2 person Director with lighting and sound. £500 per day

Other Costs where applicable

Autocue £150 per day

Green Screen facilities £400 per day